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Fishing Dale Hollow Lake From "Dusk To Dawn"

The experience of a lifetime is just around the corner at beautiful Dale Hollow Lake located in Eastern Tennessee. You will find yourself embracing the Dale Hollow experience with a beautiful night time landscape, the clearest waters around, and a fishing trip that you will never forget. The small mouth bass is a treasure that many people love to go after and you will not find one that has more experience fishing them than Greg. With small mouth fishing being his main passion for almost 20 years he knows what to do to make the best of a small mouth fishing trip. Do you think you can handle the adrenaline rush after that first bite and catch, or the thrill of a lifetime when you land a personal best small mouth? You can find out the answers to these questions and many more that you will discover yourself on a fishing trip from “Dusk To Dawn” with Greg Brisendine at Dale Hollow Lake, Celina Tn. .